Thursday, May 29, 2008

ANOTHER blog entry for May?????

WOW 2 in one month? What has gotten in to me???? I have been encouraged by many counselors to journal and so I shall.

We are now nearing the end of May and another month will go down as a month that I have survived without my dear husband. I survived the week of Mothers Day, my anniverary and my birthday fairly well but then realized Fathers Day is just around the corner. Sigh... That and all the ads showing cute little families on their family vacations are already starting to get on my nerves.

I have been home for the past two days with Hayley because she came down with Hand Foot and Mouth disease. NO this isnt a disease for cattle (that's Hoof and Mouth thankyouverymuch) but it still just sounds dirty doesnt it? It hasnt slowed her down in the SLIGHTEST so my house is a wreck while I try to work from home but allow her to do something to entertain herself. I am hoping that tomorrow she will be better and we actually LEAVE THE HOUSE. Another sigh...

The weather here has just totally SUCKED for the past few months and I am just dying to go to the pool and swim. My parents and sister came to visit last weekend and we couldnt do anything because of all the rain. I am hoping that this weekend might bring some better weather or else this girl is going to jump off a bridge. Seriously.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My blog entry for MAY!!!

Okay my pledge to blog more did not come to fruition again. Just cant seem to get the motivation to do anything that I dont HAVE to do anymore. Maybe someday I will be better about blogging more often.

Well my self-proclaimed hell week is finally over, whew! Mothers Day, my birthday and our wedding anniversary always fall in the same week. I knew it would be a tough week and it did start out pretty bad but ended on a good note. Last night I was able to go out and meet up with a group of St Louis widows and widowers from the YWBB. It was so nice to meet them all but so sad to hear all their stories. Some of them rocked me to the core. Two widows in particular were SO young, 25 or younger. That just is not right.

I got this beautiful gift yesterday in the mail from a mystery person. All it said was that they were thinking of me that day (our anniversary). It is a music box and brought me to tears.

In the past month, I have also made two wonderful friends who I met over the internet. We talk often and it is so nice to talk to people that truly understand.

Hayley and David continue to thrive. David has struggled with grades this semester but hoping he can pull it out here at the end. Hayley cocntinues to amaze me with her energy. Oh to have just a small piece of that.

In the past month I have also taken up walking again and lifting some weights. I had promised several people that I would do that but could never stick to it for very long. I Love the way it makes me feel so hoping I can continue that also.

Okay all for now. I love you babe and wish you the very best day in heaven.