Monday, June 2, 2008

Now THIS made me laugh out loud today

And I totally needed a laugh today. Today just SUCKED to say the least. I need to find a newer more appropriate word for how things have been lately than suck. It jsut doesnt have the umph that I want and I hate to throw the F word in front of it just to make a point. Anyone with any good suggestions feel free to drop me a line.

Today two people that I work with lost their jobs. This is the THIRD set of layoffs that I have been thru in the last 6 years and surviving them is good but it just wears the soul down. We knew it was coming today and they began calling us in one by one.... After MANY tears and many conversations and hugs later, I HOPE that I have stopped crying for the day. If I had a dime for every tear I have shed in the past year....


Sari said...

Blows? LOL I don't know, I use those words (sucks and blows) way too much.

Tanja said...

I'm glad you can stay in your job Alison, but I bet it is very draining and also sad to see the others leave.

Keep your faith, all will be fine one day,